The Harden Lab at Benedictine University conducts integrative ecological research on reptiles and amphibians. Our lab’s central research questions revolve around of how these organisms function and interact with their increasingly modified environment, by studying them on a physiological, behavioral, and spatial/temporal level. We use field-based and laboratory-based approaches to investigate how abiotic factors influence the physiology, behavior, and habitat preferences of these ectothermic vertebrates, with applications to their conservation and management.


August 2019: Congrats to Harden Lab’s Rebecca Weber and Elizabeth Kvitek for winning this summer’s Outstanding Group Presentation for the BenU 2019 Natural Science Summer Research Program!

July 2019: Rebecca Weber presents her collaborative research project on the hematological health of captive-reared Blanding’s turtles at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Utah! This research is a collaboration with the DuPage Forest Preserve, The Milanovich Lab, and Benedictine University.

May 2019: Junior pre-vet student Elena Garza joins the lab! Welcome!

May 2019: Dr. Harden, her former PhD advisor Dr. Amanda Williard, and Steve Midway (LSU) publish their experimental research on the effects of temperature and salinity on the physiology of diamondback terrapins (PDF) in Journal of Experimental Biology and win the journal cover photo!

April 2019: Harden Lab junior Rebecca Weber wins the American Physiological Society Local Undergraduate Research Award (LURAP) at the 2019 Assoc. Colleges of Chicago Area (ACCA) Student Symposium for her research on the physiological health of captive-reared Blanding’s turtles!

November 2018: Dr. Harden and her former PhD advisor Dr. Amanda Williard publish a book chapter in Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin entitled: Osmoregulation of Diamond-backed Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin).

October 2018: The Harden Lab in collaboration with the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum , DuPage Forest Preserve, and Cosley Zoo host the first annual Discovery Day event: Life in a Pond: The Science of Turtles!

August 2018: Congrats to Harden Lab’s Rebecca Weber and Macy Andlinger for winning this summer’s Outstanding Group Presentation for the BenU 2018 Natural Science Summer Research Program!

August 2018: Harden Lab alum Tim Benjamin publishes his first paper (as first author no less!) in Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (PDF) along with Dr. Harden, Steve Midway (LSU) , Rebecka Brasso (Weber State), and Dan Thompson (DuPage Forest Preserve)! Congrats, Tim!

July 2018: Dr. Harden, Steve Midway (LSU) and The Milanovich Lab publish their research on ornate box turtle seasonal physiology in Journal of Wildlife Diseases (PDF)!

May 2018: Congratulations to lab members Tim Benjamin and Sumaiya Shahjahan on their graduation from BenU! Tim has taken as job as a Natural Areas Maintenance Technician at Integrated Lakes Management in West Chicago and Sumaiya is applying to medical school!

April 2018: Lab students presented their research at BenU’s Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Arts (URSA) conference as well as at the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area undergraduate research symposium.

February 2018: Dr. Harden and the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum are awarded a Chicago Herpetological Society grant entitled: Rebounding Blanding’s: Conservation-Based Outreach and Education!

January 2018: Lab student Tim Benjamin presents his research investigating Hg levels in endangered, adult Blanding’s turtles at the 2018 Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference.

October 2017: Lab students Alex Karwowska, Sumaiya Shahjahan, and Tim Benjamin present their summer research on Blanding’s turtles at the BenU College of Science Open House.

September 2017: Rebecca Weber, a sophomore at BenU, joins the Harden Lab!

May 2017: The Harden Lab’s collaborative Blanding’s turtle research with the Milanovich Lab and the Forest Preserve District of DuPage Co. is featured in the Daily Herald and NCTV17!

April 2017: The Harden Lab is featured in the Spring Edition of Voices, a BenU publication.

January 2017: Dr. Harden, Dr. Milanovich, Brock Struecker, and Stan Warcholek published their research on Ornate box turtle hibernacula in Wildlife Biology (PDF)!